Karolinska Institutet, Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics, Division of Molecular Metabolism

The Division of Molecular Metabolism (http://ki.se/en/mbb/research-divisionof-molecular-metabolism), Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics (http://ki.se/en/mbb), is located in Biomedicum, Solna campus of Karolinska Institutet. The research at the Division of Molecular Metabolism aims at understanding the regulation of mitochondrial function and the role of mitochondrial dysfunction in disease. The current research encompasses biochemical and genetic studies of patients with inherited diseases as well as basic scientific approaches to understand the regulation of mtDNA expression and other aspects of mitochondrial metabolism. The overall aim of the Division of Molecular Metabolism is to combine these different areas of research to get insights into disease pathophysiology and to develop novel treatments.

The Division of Molecular Metabolism offers an outstanding research environment and a close interaction between basic science, clinical science and diagnostics at the Centre for Inherited Metabolic Diseases (CMMS) at Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden. The newly founded Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing - Karolinska Institutet Laboratory (MPI-KI laboratory) is also integrated into our laboratory. Excellent access to the most advanced resources in molecular and cell biology is available at the department and at the national core facilities at the Science for Life Laboratory (https://www.scilifelab.se).

We are currently looking for a highly motivated postdoctoral researcher to join the research group of Joanna Rorbach.

Research background
Mitochondria are sub-cellular organelles essential for eukaryotic cell function, and their dysfunction has been implicated in a variety of hereditary diseases, ageing, cancer and immunity. The correct expression of mitochondrial DNA is essential for normal mitochondrial function. The objective of our research is to better understand mechanisms of gene expression in mitochondria; as a means to identify the pathways and factors important to human mitochondrial diseases and improve our understanding of the fundamental mechanisms of eukaryotic cell function. More specifically, we focus on: i) RNA-protein interactions in mitochondria; ii) mitochondrial ribosome biogenesis; iii) biochemical and structural characterization of the mitochondrial translation machinery. We employ multidisciplinary approaches and diverse model systems to address these questions, including high-throughput gene targeting, mitoribosome profiling, proteomic and cryo-EM methods.

Successful applicant requirements
Enthusiastic and motivated applicants should have a strong background in molecular or structural biology.
Furthermore, we expect applicants to have previous experience in various molecular biology techniques and mammalian cell culture. Specific experience in mitochondrial biology is an advantage, given the nature of the research, but is not a requirement.
The successful applicant should be knowledgeable of biological advancements, demonstrate a promising publication record, and have a rigorous scientific approach.
Good documentation skills as well as proficiency in both spoken and written English are required.
The successful candidates should be willing to work in a highly collaborative environment and to pursue his/her own independent research. Our research group is located in the world-leading Karolinska Institutet and works with groups within Sweden and abroad.
A person is eligible for this position, if he or she has obtained a PhD no more than four years before the last date of employment as postdoc. The term can be extended under special circumstances.

Application process
An employment application must contain the following documents in English:

  1. A complete curriculum vitae, including date of the thesis defence, title of the thesis, previous academic positions, academic title, current position, academic distinctions, and committee work
  2. A complete list of publications
  3. A summary of current work (no more than one page)
  4. Verifications for crediting of illness, military service, work for labour unions or student organisations, parental leave or similar circumstances

The application is to be submitted through the Varbi recruitment system.

Type of employment Visstidsanställning längre än 6 månader
Contract type Full time
Number of positions 1
Working hours 100%
City Stockholm
County Stockholms län
Country Sweden
Reference number 2-5947/2018
  • Joanna Rorbach , +46 8-524 866 93
Union representative
  • Anne Edgren, OFR/S, P, O, 08-524 87570
  • Biborka Bereczky Veress, SACO, 46 70-173 85 75 , biborka.bveress@ki.se
  • Henry Wölling, SEKO, henry.wolling@ki.se
Published 26.Oct.2018
Last application date 23.Nov.2018 11:59 PM CET

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