Karolinska Institutet, Institutionen för neurobiologi, vårdvetenskap och samhälle

The Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society (NVS) conducts world leading research in aging, dementia, epidemiology and care sciences. This research extends from basic molecular and cell levels to clinical research and societal studies. NVS educates almost a third of KI students at basic and advanced levels. The Department has approximately 450 employees and a revenue 2017 of 470 million SEK. It comprises eight divisions, located at Campus Flemingsberg and Campus Solna.

The Center for Alzheimer Research is an innovative and translational combination of 5 divisions in the NVS department engaged in translational research on neurodegenerative diseases and aging. Research concentrates on pre-clinical as well as clinical aspects of neurodegenerative disease mechanisms and therapeutic strategies. The Center for Alzheimer Research consists of 12 research groups with a total of 60 employees and 25 doctoral students.

Applications are invited for placement as a postdoctoral student at the Center for Alzheimer Research of the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden and the project “Prevention of Amyloidogenic Peptide-Induced Network and Cognitive Deficits by Activation of Peptide Degradation Mechanisms”.
The opening is created by the Neuronal Oscillations Lab, which investigates neuronal synchronization and mechanisms of rhythmic electrical activity in neuronal networks and their relation to changes observed in these network oscillations during pathological states of the brain such as Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia and epilepsy. For more information on our lab see www.neuro.ki.se/fisahn. The successful applicant will join a vibrant research center, which offers many opportunities for professional growth and is situated in the beautiful city of Stockholm. The successful candidate will participate in conducting scientific research, analysis and publication of results.

Applicants should have completed/be about to complete a Ph.D. in neuroscience or neuroscience-related fields. A strong background and training in electrophysiology, especially patch-clamp techniques, is preferred. The candidate will be able to select from a number of projects that investigate how neuronal synchronization and electrical oscillations in neuronal networks are altered in pathological states of the brain and explore potential treatment strategies. The desired end result is a rescue of disease-induced cognitive decline in relevant animal models. Our lab uses electrophysiological recording and imaging in hippocampal, septal and neocortical slice preparations as well as immunocytochemistry and behavioral assessment (in collaboration).

Entry requirements
Scholarships for carrying out postdoctoral research may be granted to persons living in other countries who come to Sweden with the intention of only staying in Sweden for all or part of their postdoctoral education at KI. Persons who are resident in Sweden and/or have carried out all or part of their academic education at KI or some other educational institution in Sweden cannot be considered for scholarships from KI. The head of the department determines whether their previous training and scholarly qualifications correspond to a Swedish PhD or higher.

Type of scholarship
A scholarship for carrying out postdoctoral research can be granted for a maximum of two years within a four year period following the receipt of a doctoral degree or equivalent. This educational scholarship is tax-exempt. The amount is set for twelve months at a time and is paid out on a monthly basis. In exceptional cases, shorter periods may be acceptable.

Application process
An application must contain the following documents in English:

  1. Curriculum vitae and qualifications, presented in accordance with Karolinska Institutet’s qualifications portfolio (http://ki.se/meritportfolj )
  2. A complete list of publications
  3. A summary of current work (no more than one page)
  4. Verifications for crediting of illness, military service, work for labour unions or studentorganisations, parental leave or similar circumstances

The application is to be submitted on the MyNetwork recruitment system.

Type of employment Visstidsanställning längre än 6 månader
Contract type Full time
Reference number 2-5534/2017
  • André Fisahn, Reseracher, andre.fisahn@ki.se
  • Maria Axelsson, HR officer , 08-524 882 96
Union representative
  • Agneta Öhlen, SACO, 08-524 837 53, Agneta.Ohlen@ki.se
  • Carina Dahlin, OFR , 08-524 836 92
  • Henry Wölling, SEKO, henry.wolling@ki.se
Published 28.Nov.2017
Last application date 19.Dec.2017 11:59 PM CET

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