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At the Department of Oncology-Pathology basic, translational and clinical research and educational activities related to cancer is carried out. Approximately 300 people from over 40 nations are currently working at the department. 37 research groups with various cancer research profiles are involved and we have around 120 PhD students. The Department of Oncology-Pathology is responsible for undergraduate courses in Pathology, Oncology and Forensic Medicine for medical students, as well as for Tumor biology courses for biomedicine students and Pathology courses for opticians.

Research group Olli Kallioniemi
The group of Olli Kallioniemi carries out precision medicine research in cancer. Our group also carries out P4 (predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory) medicine research on healthy individuals. The aim is to quantify wellness through diagnostic tests, molecular profiling and big data to identify stages of transition to disease. The overall goal is to translate these findings together with our clinical collaborators into precision tools on assessing health and treating disease.

Position as a project leader
This employment is for part time (30%) during six months, with the possibility for extension, as a project leader in our P4 medicine project at the Kallioniemi research group at SciLifeLab at the Solna campus. The tasks include linking and coordinating existing P4 medicine projects at FIMM (University of Helsinki, Finland) and SciLifeLab, coordination of molecular profiling analyses at SciLifeLab for a P4 profiling project, coordinating data analysis, integration and storage with computational experts, as well as generating scientific publications. In addition, the project leader will contribute to presentations in meetings, plan and execute national and international collaborations with academia and industry, write grant reports and applications as well as participate in other activities of the research group.

Qualifications / Requirements
The qualifications for a successful candidate include a PhD in genetics, biochemistry, biology or medicine along with relevant practical experience. Knowledge of wellness, nutrition, personal health sensors, big data, P4 medicine research as well as molecular profiling techniques such as genomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics and proteomics. In addition, the candidate also needs experience in working as part of large multidisciplinary, collaborative research projects, project management, budgeting, reporting as well as grant writing.

Application process
The application is to be submitted on the MyNetwork recruitment system.

At Karolinska Institutet a 6-month trial period is required for all permanent appointments.

Type of employment Tillsvidareanställning
Contract type Part-time
City Solna
County Stockholms län
Country Sweden
Reference number 2-2003/2017
  • Päivi Östling, co-PI, paivi.ostling@scilifelab.se
Union representative
  • Andreas Lundqvist, SACO, 46 8 517 76884, andreas.lundqvist@ki.se;
  • Mimmi Shoshan, SACO, 46-8-5177 5460
  • Helen Eriksson, OFR, 46-8-517 76279
Published 12.Apr.2017
Last application date 22.Apr.2017 11:59 PM CET

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