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The Department of Biosciences and Nutrition performs research and education in several areas of medical science including bioorganic chemistry, molecular endocrinology, cancer biology, functional genomics, systems biology, epigenetics, structural biochemistry, cellular virology, and nutrition. It offers an excellent international research and working environment, including around 300 scientists, students, administrative and technical personnel. The Department resides in the new biomedical research building Neo, aimed at being a creative and open environment that enables meetings, synergies, and exploration of areas of mutual interest across disciplines.

The group of Professor Eckardt Treuter at the Department of Biosciences and Nutrition is carrying out state of the art preclinical research in molecular medicine. Research goal is to identify and understand transcriptional and epigenomic mechanisms that control metabolic-inflammatory pathways linked to human diseases, in particular to obesity, type 2 diabetes, fatty liver disease and atherosclerosis. The group has identified chromatin regulatory complexes that are involved in anti-inflammatory signaling and currently investigates their role using conditional knockout mice, genome-wide sequencing approaches, biochemical/molecular methods and translational studies to identify alterations in humans. For more information see http://cimed.ki.se/research/senior-researchers/eckardt-treuter/

The Assistant professor will perform and coordinate interdisciplinary research projects that aim to characterize the role of GPS2-containing protein complexes and epigenome alterations in different metabolic and inflammatory disease pathways. Particular emphasis will be on the generation and deep physiological and molecular characterization of novel mouse models that allow studying the role of cell type-specific epigenome alterations (including non-coding RNAs) in the progression of obesity-associated metaflammation, insulin resistance and atherosclerosis. Additionally, she/he will be involved in supervising postdocs, Ph.D. and master students, organizing laboratory routines and maintaining collaborations. The Assistant professor will also participate in educational tasks within the Department (student supervision, lectures, seminars, course leadership).

Entry requirements
A person is eligible to be appointed Assistant professor if he or she has been awarded a Degree of Doctor or has achieved the corresponding scientific competence. The persons appointed should primarily be the ones who have been granted a Degree of Doctor or have reached the corresponding competence no more than seven years before the end of the application period.

Bases of assessment
We stress scientific expertise when assessing applicants.

We seek a highly motivated individual with original thinking, team spirit and a documented successful postdoctoral period (e.g. high-quality publications, ongoing projects with significant future potential, grants, awards, selected talks). The successful applicant must have a strong background in molecular cell biology, molecular physiology, metabolism and endocrinology, and particularly in the study of mechanisms underlying type 2 diabetes and metabolic inflammation. Professional expertise in handling and experimentally characterizing genetically modified mice, including the drafting of ethical permits, is required for the position. Additional expertise in virus-based expression systems, RNAi, genome editing via CRISPR/Cas9, genome-wide sequencing approaches (ChIP-seq, RNA-seq) and proteomics (RIME) is a clear advantage for this post. Proven ability to co-supervise Ph.D. students and to organize collaborations is required.

Application process
An application must contain the following documents in English;

  • Personal letter (1 A4 page)
  • Curriculum vitae and scientific merits (3 A4 pages, including 5 selected publications)
  • Description of planned research (3 A4 pages)
  • Names and addresses of two references

The application is to be submitted through the MyNetwork recruitment system.

An Assistant professor position is a fixed-term position. The first employment should be two years, with a possible extension of two years after evaluation.

Type of employment Visstidsanställning längre än 6 månader
Contract type Full time
Number of positions 1
Working hours 100 %
City Huddinge
County Stockholms län
Country Sweden
Reference number 2-1668/2017
  • Eckardt Treuter, Professor, +46-8-524 810 60
  • Thomas Tinglöv, Head of Administration, +46-8-524 835 49
Union representative
  • Joseph Rafter, SACO, +46-8 - 524 83 545
  • Henry Wölling, SEKO, +46-8-524 840 80
  • Birgitta Lindqvist, OFR, +46-8-524
Published 11.Aug.2017
Last application date 01.Sep.2017 11:59 PM CET

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