Karolinska Institutet, Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics, Molecular Neurobiology

The lab of professor Sten Linnarsson at Karolinska Institute, Sweden, seeks two postdoctoral fellows, to work on the single-cell biology of the mammalian nervous system. The positions are fully funded (2+2 years) including salary and generous project funding.

The Linnarsson Lab offers an excellent environment at the forefront of science. We are creative, generous, intellectually curious. We publish great papers in top journals, but we don’t do science for the glory, or for the competition, or for the money. We do it because we enjoy the intellectual challenge, we seriously want to ask deep questions, and we think we can make a very small dent in the universe of human knowledge. In our everyday work, we bring the answer to a tiny detailed question, but in our minds that question is linked to a chain of others all the way back to the fundamental questions of human nature.

We work together and complement each other. We’re embedded in the highly collaborative division of Molecular Neurobiology, department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics, with access to state of the art equipment and expertise (imaging, electrophysiology, animal models, genetic engineering, …). Our workplace is international, majority non-Swedish, welcoming of all cultures, using English as our common language.

The ideal candidate combines a deep understanding of developmental neuroscience (specification of cell types by transcription factors, anatomy and morphogenesis), experience handling animals and cells (dissection, dissociation, cell culture), advanced molecular biology (method development, RNA isolation, preparation of samples for omics analyses such as RNA-seq, ATAC-seq or similar), single-cell analysis, and computational biology (Python, machine learning, Bayesian statistics, visualization).

We seek candidates who are driven, determined, dedicated, self-motivated, honest, critical, open-minded and not easily fooled (including by themselves). You want to become an independent scientist, and you have decent social and leadership skills. You enjoy supervising younger students, and you are not afraid to speak your mind. You’re smart, and you enjoy working in a team with people smarter than you.

Several projects are available, focusing on understanding the cellular and molecular composition of the nervous system, its development and the underlying regulatory mechanisms, using single-cell methods. We support the international Human Cell Atlas Initiative, and we’re enthusiastic about creating an atlas of human brain development.

Entry requirements
A person is eligible for a position as Postdoctoral Researcher if he or she has obtained a PhD no more than seven years before the last date of employment as postdoc. The term can be extended under special circumstances.

Application process
An employment application must contain the following documents in English or Swedish:

  1. A complete curriculum vitae, including date of the thesis defence, title of the thesis, previous academic positions, academic title, current position, academic distinctions, two letter of recommendation with contact information to the person who submitted the recommendation and committee work
  2. A complete list of publications
  3. A summary of current work (no more than one page)
  4. Verifications for crediting of illness, military service, work for labour unions or student organisations, parental leave or similar circumstances
  5. Please include a list of published papers, publically available code (e.g. GitHub) and a statement of your research interests and motivations.

The application is to be submitted through the MyNetwork recruitment system.

If you have questions, please send an email to research coordinator Anna Johnsson (Postdoc.LinnarssonLab@mbb.ki.se) with the subject “Postdoc 2017”.

For more information, please visit http://linnarssonlab.org/and http://ki.se/start

Type of employment Visstidsanställning längre än 6 månader
Contract type Full time
Number of positions 2
Working hours 100%
City Solna
County Stockholms län
Country Sweden
Reference number 2-1474/2017
  • Anna Johnsson, Research coordinator, +46 8-524 878 26
Union representative
  • Anne Edgren, OFR/S, P, O, +46 8-616 16 29
  • Biborka Bereczky Veress, SACO, 46 70-173 85 75
  • Henry Wölling, SEKO, +46 8-524 840 80
Published 17.Mar.2017
Last application date 09.Apr.2017 11:59 PM CET

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