Department of Medicine, Solna, Clinical Immunology and Allergy section

The Department of Medicine, Solna, is one of the largest departments at Karolinska Institutet. The department consists of several units that are separated into different research groups. The core activities of the department are research, doctoral education and undergraduate education for medical and biomedical students. The research has three main profiles: allergy, cardiovascular medicine and inflammatory diseases.

A position is now open for a highly motivated postdoctoral fellow with strong interest in cellular and molecular immunology. The successful candidate will join a new enthusiastic team led by Dr. Taras Kreslavsky in the Department of Medicine, Solna of Karolinska Institute (Stockholm, Sweden). The focus of the group is on transcriptional regulation of innate and adaptive immune responses. Funding for the position is secured, but the successful candidate will be encouraged to apply for fellowships.

Entry requirements
PhD in biological or biomedical sciences. The candidate should be passionate about science and have a strong background in immunology or molecular and cellular biology. The preferable starting time is Summer 2018, but earlier or later starting dates can be discussed.The research program will be shaped to take into account interests of the candidate. 
A person is eligible for a position as Postdoctoral Researcher if he or she has obtained a PhD no more than seven years before the last date of employment as postdoc. The term can be extended under special circumstances.

Application process
An employment application must contain the following documents in English or Swedish:

  1. A scientific vision letter (no more than one page)
  2. A complete curriculum vitae, including date of the thesis defence, title of the thesis, previous academic positions, academic title, current position, academic distinctions, and committee work
  3. A complete list of publications
  4. Verifications for crediting of illness, military service, work for labour unions or student organisations, parental leave or similar circumstances

Stockholm is a vibrant international megapolis with one of the highest quality of living standards in the world. Virtually everyone in Stockholm can speak English and English is the working language of the group. The Karolinska Institute is one of the centers of excellence for biomedical research in the world (ranked as 7th in the world in Life Sciences and Medicine by QS World University Ranking). It possesses cutting edge infrastructure including facilities for flow cytometry, microscopy, NGS-sequencing (the institute is one of the world leaders in single cell RNA-Seq) and transgenic technologies.

Selected publications of the PI
Kreslavsky T., B Vilagos, H. Tagoh, D.K. Poliakova, T.A. Schwickert, M. Wohner, M. Jaritz, S. Weiss, R. Taneja, M.J. Rossner, and M. Busslinger. 2017. Essential role for the transcription factor Bhlhe41 in regulating the development, self-renewal and BCR repertoire of B-1a cells. Nat Immunol 18:442-455.

Kim H.-J., R.A. Barnitz, T. Kreslavsky, F.D. Brown, H. Moffett, M.E. Lamieux, Y. Kaygusuz, T. Meissner, T.A.W. Holderried, S. Chan, P. Kastner, W.N. Haining, and H. Cantor. 2015. Stable inhibitory activity of regulatory T cells requires the transcription factor Helios. Science 350(6258): p. 334-339.

Kreslavsky T., H.-J. Kim, S.B. Koralov, D. Ghitza, T. Buch, H. Cantor, K. Rajewsky, H. von Boehmer. 2013. Negative selection, not receptor editing, is a physiological response of autoreactive thymocytes. J Exp Med 210:1911-1918.

Mingueneau, M.*, T. Kreslavsky*, D. Gray*, T. Heng*, R. Cruse, J. Ericson, S. Bendall, M.H. Spitzer, G.P. Nolan, K. Kobayashi, H. von Boehmer, D. Mathis, and C. Benoist. 2013. The transcriptional landscape of αβ T cell differentiation. Nat Immunol 14:619-632. (* - equal contribution)

Kreslavsky, T., M. Gleimer, M. Miyazaki, Y. Choi, E. Gagnon, C. Murre, P. Sicinski, and H. von Boehmer. 2012. β -Selection-induced proliferation is required for αβ T cell differentiation. Immunity 37:840-853.

Gleimer, M., H. von Boehmer, and T. Kreslavsky. 2012. PLZF Controls the Expression of a Limited Number of Genes Essential for NKT Cell Function. Frontiers in immunology 3:374.

Kreslavsky, T., A.K. Savage, R. Hobbs, F. Gounari, R. Bronson, P. Pereira, P.P. Pandolfi, A. Bendelac, and H. von Boehmer. 2009. TCR-inducible PLZF transcription factor required for innate phenotype of a subset of γδ T cells with restricted TCR diversity. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 106:12453-12458.

Kreslavsky, T., A.I. Garbe, A. Krueger, and H. von Boehmer. 2008. T cell receptor-instructed aβ versus γδ lineage commitment revealed by single-cell analysis. J Exp Med 205:1173-1186.

The application is to be submitted through the Varbi recruitment system.

Type of employment Tijdelijk dienstverband langer dan 6 maanden
Contract type Full time
Number of positions 1
Working hours 100%
City Solna
County Stockholms län
Country Sweden
Reference number 2-320/2018
  • Taras Kreslavsky ,
Union representative
  • Lars Ährlund-Richter, SACO, 08 - 5177 34 50,
  • Nasrin Bavand, 08-517 723 64
Published 16.Jan.2018
Last application date 28.Feb.2018 11:59 PM CET

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